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Indoor bridals???

I have decided that I REALLY don't want to have an outdoor bridal shoot due to the crazy humid weather we've had recently. I really want to feel beautiful, and dripping sweat will not do. Any ideas that don't cost $15,000???

Re: Indoor bridals???

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    While some of these places cost money, sometimes your photog might help foot the bill! The Aldridge House The Meyerson The Crescent Hotel
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    You may want to try where you are having either your ceremony or reception at. Those fees get waived for the most part being that you are already paying them. Almost everyone will have a fee no matter where you go if you are not having something done there, especially hotels.
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    I posteda huge list and others did too at least a weeks back not sure if you can find it. I am doing mine at the Stoneleigh.
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