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So I don't know why I'm so nervous

Really, I don't.  At 11:30 I have a meeting with my new supervisor.  My original supervisor stepped down from the head of my department and is now just a professor.  I like the new person, I've worked with him before, I'm just nervous a crap.  His e-mail requesting the meeting said, "Would you have any time on Monday to meet with me just to touch base and discuss anything that you'd like to talk about with your position?" 

I feel stupid because I don't really have any questions, but the professional in me says I need at least three questions.  I was going to ask him where he sees the position going (for the last year I've been OPS which is technically temporary, but only because the money to pay benefits isn't there right now, just the money for my salary.  I was hired on stimulus money and the department has received grants to keep me on staff for the next X amount of years).  But I don't really know what else to ask.  Given that information, do you guys have any thoughts?
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