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WR: Hair and Make-up Questions

Hello Ladies, since it is slow, I figured that I should ask for some opinions.
Our wedding is still a few months away, but I am trying to organize a few things to do with hair and make-up now.
I have  one hair dresser I know will come to my house and do hair, and probably another. There is also the option to hire make-up artists to come to the house and do make-up here.
I am content with the hair dressers for the bunch of us girls, but I am torn about what to do with make-up. There are two or three options I am considering:

1. Have a make-up artist who did a friend's wedding do ours, fairly priced.

2. Hire a different make-up artist who does airbrushing and will come to do touch-ups for pictures after the ceremony, just slightly more expensive ($5pp).

3. Go to MC College (hairstyling and make-up school) and have all our hair, make-up and manicures done for like $35 each.

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