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AW: Oh, hai, wedding hair!

I have wedding hair! We're going to do some clip in extensions. My stylist is getting married in July and bought some real human hair clip ins for her wedding, and she was going to cut and dye them to match her hair, and I was lamenting the fact that my hair was so fine and light and didn't hang how I wanted it and she was like, wait a second... Yeah, her extensions match my hair almost perfectly, so she's letting me use them for free! It will benefit her too, because it will rough them up a bit so they look more natural when she uses them. She'll just wait to dye them until after my wedding, obviously. So, we'll just put enough in to fill out the ponytail a bit and make it heavier so it hangs right instead of floating away from my neck like it wants to, and add just enough length to pull it a little further down my shoulder so it mostly stays over like it's supposed to. Obviously everything will be neater too--we decided to redo the braid a little differently last minute so everything got a little messed up.

(Sorry, this one kind of sucks, and the coloring was funny because I was playing with it to try to make the hair more obvious--we forgot to take a picture from the front at the salon...duh!)

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