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Niece Wedding Dress Follow Up

Posting this here because you are the only people I know where anyone might actually be interested :)

The niece has lighted on Bella Bridal in Woodbury to go try on five different Maggies, and on Christmas Eve got someone to talk to on the phone there who took style numbers and overall acted like a human being! She is particularly interested in this dress, which I love:

While strapless tends to make my absolutely beautiful niece look a little bean-pole like, I know one shoulder becomes her because she wore a one shoulder for her prom and looked wonderful. I think the wide band beading around the waist is good for her, too because she has the long torso for it.

Anyway, I am thinking this just might be her dress but the others are great, too (there is one I am not so big on, but hey it is HER wedding). I am going with her next Thursday night and I am going to try not to over-influence her decision. I am flattered that my 26 year old niece considers my 45 year old self something of an authority on style, but I want her to have what she wants not just what I like.

Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone!

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