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Job update, in case you care :)


Re: Job update, in case you care :)

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    Ohh gotcha! I normally get fresh n easys $3 wine. Oddly, I haven't liked wine very much for the past 9 months or so. I do like it at a winery though, I think its the experience.

    Must be right by the chandler mall...I think I know where it is.
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    At least you know whats going on now, Rox. I know it's not an ideal situation, but it seems like you have a plan and will make it work. And good riddance (almost?)  to garbagebosslady!
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    We aren't big at home drinkers, so we generally don't go to liquor stores.  But if we do we normally go to BevMo at Tempe Marketplace because it's on my way home from work.  The Total Wine is a little out of my way, but we might go because apparently they are the only place in the valley that sells Don Q, which is a Puerto Rican rum that we had when we were there, and all the locals we talked to said it's the best one. 
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    Sunshine! Yes, and did you see, I will only have to work with her half a day a week?!

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    Half a day a week? Dude, that's worth the commute in itself!

    I think this will be a good thing for you. The drive might suck, but sometimes commutes can be a sort of cathartic experience. Time alone with nothing to do but think and decompress, ya know? Is this the place where you'll be at the front desk by yourself too?
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