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WR: Help me set up my reception space?

I'm planning on ivory table linens with teal napkins for a little splashes of color.

Would it look weird to have the DJ, cake, and guestbook tables dressed in teal as well?  Or should I stick with ivory for all of the tables? 

Also, I can set up the dining room with the dance floor in the middle of the room and either two 10-person tables or three 7/8-person tables on either side of the dance floor and our sweetheart table in the middle.  

|bar|  O  O  [dancefloor]  O  O
|bar|    O     [dancefloor]    O 
                    (me + fi)

|bar|   O    [dancefloor]     O 
|bar|     O  [dancefloor]  O 
                   (me + fi)

Or I can cluster all of the tables on one side of the dance floor -- sitting at a normal round table with my WP -- and place the dance floor between the clustered tables and the bar. 

|bar|  [dancefloor]  O  O  O
|bar|  [dancefloor]    O  O  O


If it matters at all: I need to try to keep my half-siblings (who will likely dance and drink) seated away from my parents (who most likely won't dance or drink -- much), so in this intimate group of 40 or less, my parents don't interact with my sibs (who they have never met) enough to realize that they are my sibs and not mere friends because OMG!drama. :S
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