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*BSN*-Princess cruise related/First angry FB message!

Did you get a PM from someone named beth? The lady who said that she thought stacy could be lying about being sick?
I think you had responded to her comment as well.. which was deleted.
FYI-I told her that only someone sick would come up with something like that...(or something to that effect)

This is what I got today..3 times no less...
March 12 at 12:54pm Report
I 'am happy for the winner, however I' am a realist and recognize that not everyone is always honest. I voted for the winner more than I voted for myself, and even had my friends vote for her.... so Kathleen, for you to publicly speak to me in that manner is unacceptable. You do not know me or anything about me so please try to remember that when you speak to ppl in that manner in a public display. Have a good day :)

I wrote back and told her
It's unacceptable to talk about someone and thier hardships that way and what goes around come around.

I do believe that she blocked me...hmm.
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