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Did you bring your dog to your engagement shoot?  If so, I saw you and your FI (and parents?) and your adorable dog. :)  I remember you saying you were shooting at 6 in FW, so it was either you or someone else.


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    Ah - yes, it was totally us! And THANK you - we were really worried she was gonna be a wolverine (she did start barking at a horse) but it ended up ok. You should have flagged me down - I would love to actually meet a Knottie in person! How did your shoot go?? I'm sure you got great pics! I was really impressed with all the fun spots in downtown Ft. Worth. When you get your pictures back I'd LOVE to see them!
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    I wasn't getting my pics done.  That was Crystal. :) I wanted to say hi, but y'all looked like you were on a mission. Can't wait to see your pics!!
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