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Am I being a b*tch?

So, I got engaged in April of 2010 and we set the wedding date for March 10, 2012. But my FH's brother got engaged six months after us (after some major pushing from his girlfriend) and set the date for May 12th (exactly 8 weeks after us). t would have been fine but she was rude about us getting engaged and really put the heat on her fiance to propose right after. I am trying not to be difficult about the whole thing but it has been so difficult. EVERYTHING I do she tries to take in some way. I have changed my colors now three times because of this. It would be okay if she at least was mature about it but she is just turned 21 and doesn't drive either. She competes with me constantly. I have tried to just ignore it and stop getting so annoyed, but I feel like she is taking away from our wedding (and I hate that Im letting her make me feel this way) because she wants attention for hers.
I know the closer the wedding gets the worse it is going to get. Am I being a b*tch or jealous or something? I don't know how to deal with this.
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