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Show me your wedding band/e-ring combo please!


Re: Show me your wedding band/e-ring combo please!

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    My e-ring and my wedding band don't match in the slightest. They have two different types of settings, and the band is much thicker and shorter than the e-ring, which is tall and skinny. And I had to get a notched wedding band because of the unusual shape of my e-ring.  BTW, these look much better in real life haha.
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    [QUOTE]I don't know if that is something anybody has come across on here but I know others who have had the issue - the way my diamond is set, no band can go besie my E ring, on either side.  The setting pushes the other band away and no matter how many I try to have "click" in - nothing fits.  I have to get my W ring specially made.  I have pasted a pic of my E ring and drawing of what I want for my W ring but unless I get it at a reasonable price, I'm going with just a platinum band.  FI went with tungsten (sp?)  He's already got his.    
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    Jaci, you might be able to have a band sautered to the original ring.  If you always want to wear them together, you could have a jeweler essentially combine a simple band and meld it with the setting so they're one ring, cutting out the piece that disappears under the ring or filing it down to fit perfectly.  My friend did this, and it looks gorgeous!  Granted, it's "all or nothing" - there is no such thing as just wearing your wedding band after that.
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    My engagement ring and wedding band don't match at all, but I like that they look cool together and seperately. Also, FH and I really wanted matching bands, so I'm very, very happy with that aspect! :)

    My e-ring is a 1.6 carat Asscher cut set in white gold, but FH is talking about having it reset in platinum in the next couple of years.  Our wedding bands are tungsten, comfort fit, flat polished center with brushed beveled edge.  Mine is 5mm wide, FH's is 7mm.

    Trying to upload a picture of them together on my hand.. for now you'll have to live with the stock photos ;)

    we got it right the second time around! ten.twenty.twenty-ten. Anniversary
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    I dont have pictures of my wedding band, but you can see pics of my e-ring on my profile. Anyway, my e-ring is a 1/2 ct princess cut solitaire. My wedding band is a 1/5 ct, 9 stone curvature white gold band. It has a "v" in the middle so that the solitaire e-ring sits flush with the band instead of rubbing up against it. It kind of looks like this:


    And my e-ring is like this:

    It goes great together, and I dont have to get them welded together to prevent them from rubbing against eachother because of the curve in the wedding band.
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    I'm having a hard time finding my band too!
    Here's my ring-

    It's heart cut, so I think I might have to have one custom made, but I don't know where to do that?
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    I have the same ring issues NickChick - solitaire, round, Tiffany style Engagement Ring.  I also want diamonds in my wedding band so I do like the idea of curving the band so the solitaire flushes in. 

    Also, my E ring is 14K white gold.  I read on here that people have to dip their rings every 6 mths?  Is this true?  I have noticed mine is not as "white" as it used to be (got it only three months ago!!)
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