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Miss Ricks

How did you go with your essay, dear? Sorry I was not around when you required APA assistance!

Re: Miss Ricks

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    APA is the devil.

    That's all.  And I didn't want to leave you alone, Sun :).
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    Sun is pretty. Ricks is hot. NG has cute clothes.
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    haha thanks Nates!

    And you know, I came to love APA 5th thanks to constant usage, and then they went and changed it all to 6th, which is just ridiculous with stupid formatting that makes no sense whatsoever (whoever thought of those run-on paragraph headings clearly has never used a word processor in their life- good luck getting Word to auto-format with those suckers). Frustration!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Miss Ricks</a>:
    [QUOTE]Sun is pretty. Ricks is hot. NG has cute clothes.
    Posted by nda_roxybabe[/QUOTE]

    You are super cute! What's going on Roxy?
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    Hahahah sorry for the random statement. This thread just felt so lonely.
    I'm just hanging out, waiting to see if T is taking me to dinner. What are you up to?
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    Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun shopping! Poor Nick though :(

    We didn't end up going to dinner, he is making chicken. I went and got treats though haha
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