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annoyed with Sterlings Florist

has anyone else used them?  I went there July 8 after talking to them a few times and paid for them to do my bouquet.  I'm having a destination wedding and wanted to take it with me made of silk flowers since i didnt like the options the resort had available.  They left me under the impression it would be ready in a week or two (even though my wedding is not until next year).  I have called a few times and they tell me they are busy and putting mine off because i dont need it til next year.  So i was ok with that.  Today he called me and really  had no idea what I wanted in the first place and I had to go through the whole thing over again.  I am planning on using them for my local reception too.  My local reception is at 3 forks, and they actually refered me to them.  Is this putting me off for a few weeks then not knowing what I want a red flag? Should i be concerned? 
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Re: annoyed with Sterlings Florist

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    My florist asked me to wait a little too due to Valentine's Day and a special event going on at the store. It wasn't a problem to me. However, if it really bothers you, then I would go in and talk to them.
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