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Day of Coordinators.

Trying to decide if I need a day of coordinator.

For those of you who are married,

1. Did you have one?
2. Was it worth it if you did?
3. If you didn't, do you wish you did?

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Re: Day of Coordinators.

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    I think I did have one, but she wasn't called the DOC. She was the "events coordinator" of the country club, and she's the one who collaborated with the vendors, ran the show the day of, etc. and she also came with our wedding package. I wouldn't normally have set out to hire such a person, but I was very glad the day of to have someone enforcing our timeline and cueing the food service, setup, and all that. So looking back, yes in hindsight I would have put someone in charge of this had they not been included already.

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    My pastor's wife did it.  She was incredible.
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    I had a DOC and it was the best money I spent. I went back and forth for awhile about hiring one but a neighbor's daughter got married a few months before me and had used a DOC. The neighbor recommended that I have one and I am so glad that I did.

    It just made the day so much easier - I didn't have to worry about anything and neither did my parents. I got to just enjoy the day with my friends and family.
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    Our venue provided one for all things reception.  For our wedding it wasn't really necessary because we didn't have outside vendors or anything.  Really all she did was get my food out of the buffet (while I argued with her because I'm an adult and fully capable of filling my own plate, white dress or not).  I don't think she was necessary, but she may have done things I didn't see, so I could be wrong.
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    We have one that comes with the venue for the reception, and for earlier in the day (ceremony stuff) my MOH's mom is going to run any interference and deal with any issus that come up.  I get stressed out easily, and I really just want to enjoy the day and want my wedding party and parents and his parents to be able to do the same.  I didn't ask her to do it--she offered because she wanted to help and used to do DOCing for her church, but if she hadn't offered, I probably would have paid someone.

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