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Wedding in nine days..of course this would happen

Hey everyone,

so the wedding is in 9 days, about two weeks ago I got a TERRIBLE cold and have been fighting it ever since. My lip started huting about 3 days ago and I thought I had bit it, (As i do often) and now its starting to look like maybe I am getting a cold sore?
I haven't had one in years and year and year, so I don't remember what they look/feel like, and it doesn't look nearly as bad as the pictures online. I went and
got some abreva and bought some "stress" vitamins as it says they are caused by stress (even though I really don't feel very stressed out)

Anyone get cold sores? How long do they generally last? Is abreva all I can do or should I be taking other suppliments/eliminating anything from my diet? I would prefer to not have this thing on my lip at my wedding, although it really isnt *that* noticeable
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