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Funny Valentine

Okay. So every year this free newspaper lets you write in a short valentine to your sweetie. No editing, no fees, just send it by e-mail, choose a name you want it to be under, they'll print it.

Well, every year I've gotten in, writing a love note to H, but hiding it under a name he wouldn't think of looking for. Usually I make it an ode to our work, since over 1,000 people work there and they might notice it too. They have also grown from being mushy to funny, because that is the vibe of all the other ads.

Me (seeing the paper on the coffee table)- "Did you find your valentine?"
Me- Really?!
H- Yeah.
Me- Do you think it's under your name?
H- Yeah....?
Me- It's not under your name silly, I never have put it under your name. (I rush to check the ones under his name) This one says, "love, Blue". Why would I sign it like that?
H- I thought you were being sneaky, like instead of "Red" you put "Blue".

My H is so cute.
My real one was under a work nick name "Bearded wonder", hehe

Other hilarious ads for your Tuesday entertainment: (Warning, crude)

"D- Take me to sexico or lose me forever. Love and dynamite."

"Desi- the last three years have been great. I love that sweet ass and your willingness to do anal. Also the fact you're up for group sex is pretty sweet. Love you"

"Crotchfruit- Here's to hoping you'll come out kicking and screaming, middle finger up, saluting the devil. Your brother can't wait and neither can we. Ya Pops"

"Taternuts- You put the magic in the gathering."

"Apex Predator- You have sunk your talons in so deeply...."  okay that one gets a little graphic, nm.

"Courtney- I may look like an ewok, but I'm all wookie where it counts." FTW

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