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first post here

So I've posted alot on other boards, but I felt like I would like some of you guys' opinions. I lvoe how all of you talk to each other and give good advice. I am a lurker, but only because you all post such funny things, and can make my bad day of morning sickness and fatigue from pregnancy not seem so bad. 
So I wanted to list my wedding plans. And get opinions on whether they're good or what not. 

First: I bought my dress at goodwill, $50, 6 ft train, no halterations needed, beautiful dress. 

Second: Im having all my bridesmaids pick their own dress with simple guidelines, knee length, color/print. They can also pick their own shoes, hair, makeup, all that good stuff. Same with Groomsmen. Only, black pants, white button downs, and whatever shoes they want (FI and his family are muscians, skaters, and love their skateshoes like Vans)

Third: My venue doesn't even top $200. My officiant fees will be more than my venue, since it'll be in a beautiful local park with gazebo used for weddings. It also provides historic sites, a playground for kids, and alot of gardens, so no ceremony decorations needed. 

Fourth: My flowers are all made form crepe-paper, I found the tuts on MarthaStewart weddings. And I'm only doing bouquets, bouts, and corsages. No other flower decorations. 

Fifth: Wedding party gifts are all handmade that I found onine, really cute penny decal necklaces and handmade silver rings for the guys. The favors are lil seed bombs I found, so inexpensive and i can make ALOT for under $10. 

Sixth: Reception will be sandwiches, and cold picnic foods, like potatoe salad and the like. 

The reason my wedding seems os simple is because it is. I'm a simple, southern girl. I don't like big and flashy. And I'm a natureholic. Plus, my wedding day is also my first official Mother's day. So the ceremony is just Fi and I making it official, while the reception is a Mother's day celebration for all the grandmothers, mothers, aunts, etc., etc. All the guests are family and close friends, so they know us and expect us to do something really small. 

So what you think?

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