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Re: Photos where you can't see the dress!

  • Yeah I hear you on that one.  I like the dress galleries on better.
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  • Yes, some of the pictures on here are really terrible. I also wish you could be able to see them in a larger picture.
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  • Sometimes if you go to the designer's website they have better pictures. but i agree that what is the point of putting the dress on the model if you cant see the dress!?
  • I had a moment there when I opened the first link, the style name is actually my RL name.  I was like, did the knot take over the website or something?

    But yes, that really is annoying.  I don't care about how artsy fartsy the dress is, or how much the anorexic model can hunch her shoulders over.  I want to see the dress!
  • I hate that too. I happened to try on the dress that is in the last link you posted. It looks completely different on! They picture was very deceving.
  • OMG! I totally agree! Thanks for posting!

    Why do these designers pay so much (models, photographers, publishers, space, etc) for pictures that don't even show the dress?!?! Grrrrr...
  • 1.  I think the point of the picture is to show you  how to twirl like a princess.

    2.  The artistic message here is that the gown is of no importance and that you should just buy it for the designer name.  Plus, for those who don't know how a veil lays on a dress, here's a great example.

    3.  To answer your question, no, the skirt is not important as long as your boobs look good in the dress while you're lounging at the reception.

    4.  I'm not sure that they're selling her butt in this photo, but I'm pretty sure the model leaned up against a freshly painted wall, and this was the artistic direction that she was given in order to hide the streak of olive green paint on the bodice of the dress.  Blame the photographer.

    And yes, I do hate when they don't show off the dress, but if they always did that, what would we have to post about?
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