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peanut allergies in schools F/U

Last week or the week before we were discussing nut allergies in schools and I said I would ask some questions around my school and follow up...

We have just over 1200 students from Kindie through grade 8.  There are 70 students who have some sort of medical situation that we have been made aware of, 10 of these are very life threatening. A total of 25 students in our school are allergic to nuts (either peanuts and/or tree nuts) and of those about 5 are also allergic to something else (dairy, eggs). None of our kids, based on the sheets I looked at, are have airborn allergies, all are touch or ingestion. Most have epi pens on site, although parents do not HAVE to provide these. They also do not HAVE to provide any medical documentation of the allergy. 

There you go...
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