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Little Black Dress

I need one for the Bachelorette party this week and oddly, I dont have one. Where's a place to get a cute, super cheap lbd?

Re: Little Black Dress

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    How is the dress guru asking us mere peons for help?? hehehe

    White house black market.

    BUT I think this time of year (not fall but not winter) is an excellent time to shop sale racks for all sorts of great deals. Get out there girl!
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    Don't you know, I always have to ask you girls for help? I swear I can't dress myself.
    It just dawned on me, H&M. Hellllo

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    Not sure if this is any help, but I saw a LOT of LBDs on the clearance rack at Macy's today.

    EDIT: Beaten to it x2  :)
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    I was going to suggest Forever 21 too. I actually got a LBD from them last year, and it was better made than I had expected.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Little Black Dress</a>:
    [QUOTE]I was going to suggest Forever 21 too. I actually got a LBD from them last year, and it was better made than I had expected.
    Posted by PandaBurr[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this. I have had horrible experiences (as expected for the price) with clothes there, but lately I have not had a problem at all! Obviouslt, no one is buying life styling material here, but lately the quality has no washed out, shrunk or frayed at all the times I have worn their stuff!
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    Yea, I'm looking for super cheap, $20. I dont care if its not the best material, I only care about wearing it Thursday night. Although, more wear would be better.
    Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow!
    Also need to get a wig and white gloves.
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    I refuse to believe that you, Roxy, do not own a LBD.  Mystifying.
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    Hahah I prefer white dresses. I have a black work dress. I had a lbd, but I'm not a fan of it anymore...I guess I could wear it if need be (and if it still fits)
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    I am popping in to say that today I made my first online clothing purchase. I bought a sexy LBD. I hope it fits and im dying for it to get here, I spent more than I wanted to though.

    Im no help.
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    Shopping is blocked at work now, so I can't send a link.  But I bought a plain, black, button up dress on last week for $9 plus 97cent shipping.
    It has a braided belt attached at an empire waist.  I love it.  It took two days to get it.

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