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Snarky Brides

F/u bachelorette party Q

Since I hate going into day old threads....
I'm definitely willing for people to help me plan, if they want. I just never thought of asking anyone for help. I'm not expecting money from anyone except to cover the bride's dinner. That's normal, right? If not, I can take care of it.
That being said, should I go ahead and email all the BM's letting them know what my plans are so far and then asking what they're able to contribute towards the brides dinner? Or how do you handle that? Should I guess the amount? There's like 7 BM's so it shouldn't be much each.

Sorry I'm an idiot at this stuff. I've only been to one Bachelorette ever.

ETA: I was also thinking it'd be fun if everyone kind of dressed up or dressed alike in someway. For T's sisters Bach we dressed 50's in black dresses, gloves, pearls and wigs and we all loved it. Her colors are green and silver and I was thinking something simple like just dressing in those colors or black. Am I weird and one of the few people who doesn't mind doing something like that?
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