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So I spent a good portion of my life living overseas (mostly the Middle East and Europe) but I have spent all of my adult life back in Canada.  I notice that a lot of the food I eat here that comes from other countries tends to be in much larger portions. Here are two examples: 

in France if you order a crepe with nutella you get a crepe, with some nutella on it, folded into a small triangle small enough to eat in your hands. At most crepe kiosks in malls here is is hard to find one that is like that (I have found some more recently), most of them are huge wrapped things stuffed with tons of fruit/nutella/whipped cream, and of course at about 2 to 3 times the cost of what I would have paid in France. 

in the Middle East when you order a 'shawarma' it is about the half the length of a jumbo hot dog and just as thick. They cost like a dollar each and you usually get 3 as a meal (depending on how much you want).  Here if I order one is it MASSIVE, a pita packed so full you can't really hold it and they cost like $7.

So here is my question...clearly portion sizes in NA are out of control and this must have some impact on the huge obesity problem. How does one change the 'standard' and start having smaller portions?

Does any of this make sense or am I the only one who thinks that most portions are crazy huge?

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    When you get Doner Kebab in Europe, it's like a half a pita that's stuffed with... stuff. So, like a sandwich. But people don't get it with fries and a large soda, too.

    I think a lot of local places are better about portion sizes. It's places like Cheesecake Factory that thrive on mediocre food for $20 because it's 4 portions that you have to watch out for. (When you think about it, they can charge twice as much because it's a ton of food and you'll take it home and have it for lunch. But it doesn't cost them twice as much to make twice as much food, you know?)
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