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People who have computer interwebz smarts, come in

Ok, I know I come on here about once every two months or so with a Facebook privacy freakout, and yet I still haven't quit.  Sigh. 

I have a fake Facebook account so I can keep tabs on my privacy since Facebook privacy sucks and the feature where you can check your privacy settings also suck.  So I logged on to my fake account today.  Fake account doesn't have any friends.  So why are my IRL friends coming up as friend suggestions on my fake account?  It's a fake name and fake email address that I don't use for anything else except this fake facebook account.  Is it a cookie tracking thing?  If so, that's sketchy as hell.  Someone please explain to me how this works.

Fake account also has a friend request from DH's aunt.  I can only assume that means that my fake account came up as a friend suggestion for her, and that she added it even though she had no idea who it was.  So that's both amusing and scary. 


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