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I'm cold..


So I live in a loft (which I love) but yesterday I noticed the heat stopped working. So I called my Super this morning (yes I'm renting.. FI and I move into together in a few months!!) and told him that I have no heat. He came a looked at it and asked if I've cleaned the filter. Um, no.. no one told me that I had to do this when I moved in. So now my tub is practically black from cleaning it and the heat STILL doesn't work.

I called him again. Apparently the guy who fixes the heat is in the hospital b/c his appendix burst. Wow, sucks to be him. Then he tells me that I have to wait until the guy is out of the hospital which could take a week and that I'l have  to wait! While I feel really bad for the guy, he's not the only person in this city that can fix heating units. It's called calling another  company to come fix it. THIS IS CANADA, IT'S SILL WINTER AND IT'S FVCKING COLD. 

I am sooo pissed right now (and freezing). Pretty sure I'm going to put a stop payment on my rent cheque until my heat is fixed.
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