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I am in her wedding on March 26. I'll be 18 weeks pregnant on her wedding day. That's 7 weeks from now and I'l already showing. She made a big thing about us all ordering at the same time so it would be the same dye lot, which was 3 days before conception for me, and I went ahead and ordered big. Now I wonder if I ordered big enough. Its the big sash across the waist that worries me:

Keep in mind I paid over $200 for this dress that looks horrific on me, in style and color, even before I was pregnant. I love my friend that much, even though I'm a replacement. I haven't gotten my actual one in yet though. 

I just found this one on a maternity site for $70:

I'll be paying at least that much for alterations on the first dress if it fits at all. Think I can convince her to let me get this one instead, and just take the brooch off? Is it really so different, except that the shoulder strap is on the wrong side. Or should I just suck it up and suck it in and wear the potentially uncomfortable one? Or wait until the dress comes in to choose? The 2nd one just looks so much more comfortable. 
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