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Cooking question re: the other white meat

So some friends of ours are moving away and I've invited them to our place for dinner on Wednesday night.  Ordinarily when I try something new I just do what I want and if it's a success, I call it good... but since we're entertaining, I want to get it right the first time :)

I bought some thin pork loin chops at the grocery store the other day - I had no idea how I would prepare them, but thought I'd branch out from the usual chicken and beef I buy.  I have a marinade; it's a pineapple teriyaki type sauce.

If I marinated them overnight, could I cook them in a pan on the stovetop like I do chicken?  Or what other ways would you cook pork?

The only other time I've made pork was when I cooked a roast in my crock pot with sauerkraut, but Ben hates sauerkraut so... no dice.
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