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FI and I had our epics taken by our wedding photographer. I was a little bit disappointed with them. There were about 5 or 6 shots that we loved. I am okay with this because they were just e pics and we made do with those 5 shots. Now if I am this disappointed with our wedding photos that will be a different story. 

I am wondering how to deal with this with our photographer. Most of her work in her blog/portfolio I really like but then there is some work that is just not our style. Right now I have a list of shots that I want, like pics with me and parents, me and my niece etc. I also have a collection of photos that are the style we like. Should I share these with our photographer? Should I show her samples of pics that we don't like? How much communication are you having or did you have with your photographer? Or are you just going to or did you just let them do their thing? 

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