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All my bridesmaids are pregnant!

I'm getting married in about 9 months, and 3 out of 6 of my bridesmaids are pregnant (and another one is trying!!).  

Let me give a little background: My boyfriend bought me an engagement ring 18 months before proposing- the week before it was ready to go (he had it specially made), my sister got engaged.  She was planning on a quick engagement (6 months), so I was ok waiting.  Then, HIS sister (whom I do not get along with well) got engaged, and had a 14-month engagement!  He's a good guy, and didn't want to steal her thunder, so he waited until after her wedding to propose.  So I've been waiting to be engaged/be married for a while, and I'm already a little wary of both my sister and his sister.   

Now I find out that both my sister and his sister are pregnant. (I pushed back my original wedding date 1 month so my sister could be there, beause the original date was three days after her due date).  Plus, one of my other bridesmaids is pregnant (it was a mistake) and due two days before my wedding, and another of my bridesmaids is trying to get pregnant (she's been trying for 1.5 yrs now).  

I'm not a bridezilla, and I'm not the type to love having attention.  But this is the one day that I think I deserve the attention!  And these girls are taking it all away!   Our wedding will be the first time my family and his family (well, extended family) will have seen the babies, so of course that is going to be the topic of conversation.  I'm not planning on using my bridesmaids for a lot of the wedding planning, but I'd still like to be able to call on them to help me, and now I feel bad that they will be spending money on my wedding (for the dress, the bachelorette, etc) instead of for their new families.  

My fiance doesn't understand why I am bothered by this, and just says I should be happy for them.  I am happy for them all, but at the same time, I'm looking for the spotlight for just one day.  Is that so hard to ask? 

Thanks for letting me vent :)
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