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Hair Stylist WWYD?

Okay, I'm going into meltdown mode bear with me.

Some of you may have seen the thread with my hair trial pictures.  I liked the style, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  I'm not confident that my stylists sees the same thing I do when I look at my inspiration picture.  Plus, she did my hair for a prom and I wasn't too happy with that either. 

This woman has been cutting my hair since I was 14.  I love her to death and she is a genius with a pair of scissors and a round brush.  I just don't think up-dos are her forte.  I've already had a trial with her and made my appointment for the day of this morning.

Then, I was on the phone with my mom and she brought up my sister's (and my) friend, Lori.  She's brilliant with an up-do and I think she is a little more in touch with modern styles.  I'm pretty confident that she would d a kick-a$$ job and be more cost-effective.  I haven't stopped thinking about it all day.

I know me.  I will feel SO guilty if I don't go to my normal stylist.  How am I supposed to face her for haircuts after that?  I also know that I will be kicking myself for a long time if I don't like my hair that day. 

I'm thinking about giving my stylist another shot and scheduling another trial with her.  I'll try to explain what I want better.  If that doesn't work, I'll schedule a trial with Lori (or anther stylist that was recommended to me). 

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