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So, I recently applied for a few positions, one of which I wasn't sure exactly where (which unit) it was for. Long story short, I used to work in classroom setting with Emotionally Disturbed children and I have witnessed the director of one of the units basically degrade everyone that worked for him. He has a PhD and used to make the teachers and specialists cry and even talk down to the people that had MA and PsyD degrees. I always kept my mouth shut because I viewed myself as a pee-on to him.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I see a therapist position avilable on one of the units. I decided to e-mail the secretary of that specific unit to see if the position was there, because I would not want to work for that man (many people have since left because of him). She didn't respond for a few days, so I figured I would apply anyway just in case, thinking I would not get a call. She e-mailed me last week, telling me that the position is on that unit and she gets a hold of the resumes first. She e-mailed me today letting me know that my resume is on her desk and they want her to call me for an interview. I really do not want this position because although it is a pay increase, the stress for working for that man is not worth any amount of money to me. I will simply describe him as a Freud wannabe with a Napolean complex (yes, he is that bad).

If you were in my shoes would you turn down the interview, or go knowing that he will be consescending and I will probably be stressed over it (and I am preggo) and knowing ahead of time that I don't want that position? grievance of the day is that the one job I don't want of all I applied for wants to interview me....grrrr....I want a new job but my sanity is more important.

BFP #1 1/1/11 EDD 9/10/11 dx:no hb DNC on 2/2/11 BFP #2 12/28/11 natural m/c on 2/6/12 BFP#3 2/16/13 dx:ectopic on 2/27 (given methotrexate)
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