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Stupid lies?

So I feel really weird about this and I don't know how to handle it.  There have been two instances in the past where I found out FI had lied to me.  The first being about his sexual past (which didn't bug me because it's none of my business anyway) and then a couple months ago about going out to lunch with some CWs (basically when I asked him why he hadn't eaten the lunch he packed, he said his boss treated the guys to lunch, but then when I was cleaning the counter I found the recept that showed he had paid for himself).  He was very apologetic both times and promised he would never do it again.
But now last night I caught him in an even dumber one!  I left my phone on the counter in his apartment and forgot to grab it on my way to work yesteday so it sat there all day.  When I came home, I saw that all my texts had been read from the day and I asked him why he read them.  He said to stop the phone from beeping every two minutes with the reminder.   My phone was on silent.  It most definitely wasn't beeping. 
I wanted to just let it go because I don't have anything to hide in my phone and it's not a big deal but it's really bugging me so I e-mailed him about how I felt about it.  Once again he apologized and promised he wouldn't do it again.  I told him that I don't believe him this time that he won't do it again and now he's all mad at me for not trusting him.
I know in the end I know that if I truly look him in the eye he will tell me the truth about something, especially if it's something serious or important.  But all the dumb stupid lies add up in my eyes and it really makes me question the day to day mundane stuff that doesn't matter that he tells me.
Am I overreacting? (Please tell me if I am)  Or am I justified?
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