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Opaque stockings

Are these still "in"? Where does one go to buy these?

I have fairly large tattoos on my legs, so I dont wear dresses to work because I dont feel it looks professional but I really WANT to. Do you think that would solve the problem?

Re: Opaque stockings

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    I don't know, but if you find some, let me know!
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    I like them, especially in the winter. I have black, purple and some patterned ones. Usually with the purple and patterned ones, I'll wear a penci skirt and tall boots, so you can only see a little bit of the stockings.

    ETA: I buy mine at Target. They have fun ones.
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    I think that would work, and I love opaque tights.
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    I get weird colors at American Apparel and their is a brand called HUE that is at Macy's that you can get a ton of colors.

    I wear 'em.
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    I wear tights every single day in the winter.  Under boots, with regular shoes, sometimes even under jeans on the weekend if it's super cold out.  I get mine everywhere.

    In terms of skintone tights, you might need to look at a dance store.  I just have black, navy, brown--the basics.  Or wear your dresses with boots.
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    I have seen people wear them especially in the cold weather. I wouldn't know where to buy them specifically but I'm thinking any department store or clothing store might have them.

    You could also wear tights with a dress too. They're a bit thicker and can be worn just to lounge around or with a dress.
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    I would probably just get black or grey or something. My tattoos go quite far down the length of my calves, so I need something that goes all the way down (as opposed to leggings or something). I really want to get some sweater dresses this fall/winter.
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    Honestly, tights have been in forever.  As long as there is winter, I think there will be tights.  Or, at least, I will be wearing them.

    Cheap stores like Target have them for about $6.  They're pretty good quality, too.  Otherwise, any department store will have them, especially if they have sweater dresses or sell leggings.  I see the three together in stores all the time. 
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    I love black tights in the winter.
    Just my two cents

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    My grandma tells me that wearing tights is childish, and not wearing nylons is disgusting.

    Sorry, that's not helpful.

    I think the tights would definitely work, and I get mine at Macy's.  With sweater dresses, I like to get the plain "smooth" ones, and with un-textured dresses, I sometimes wear textured tights.

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    I second dance tights. Danskin is a good brand.
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    I have lived in Opaque tights this autumn/winter. I'm sad it's already humid and warm this early on in spring, because I'd hoped to live in them for awhile longer yet.
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    Check out

    Now before you go getting any ideas about me, I know the people that run the business, I don't wear stockings LOL.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Opaque stockings</a>:
    [QUOTE]I would probably just get black or grey or something. My tattoos go quite far down the length of my calves, so I need something that goes all the way down (as opposed to leggings or something). I really want to get some sweater dresses this fall/winter.
    Posted by Nebb[/QUOTE]

    You can get opaque tights pretty much anywhere. Walmart, Target, drug stores etc. Knee-high boots would look great with a sweater dress and opaque tights.
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    Most department stores carry opaque tights. I have them in every color. I love tights! If you can find them, SWEATER tights are the awesome. I have a grey pair that are going to wear out one day and I will cry.

    I don't care if they are out of style or in, I love tights!
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