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I am normally just a lurker, occasional poster, but I have to share, since I know these boards are animal-loving:

I fostered a 9 month old labraschnoodle for about two weeks, found her (what I thought) was a good home with a friend, who picked her up on Sunday afternoon. She seemed to be willing to put in the time and the effort to take in a young rescue dog. Foster Pup was a very loving, attentive and well-behaved dog for the two weeks DH and I had her. Today, I get a very long email about why my friend cannot keep the dog, where she explains that she can't kennel her during the day because she barks in the kennel, which makes her neighbor mad and when she leaves her out of the kennel (locked in a room of her house) that she goes to the bathroom on the floor and pulled down a set of blinds. So she doesn't want her because she doesn't want a dog that isn't housebroken already and she can't have a dog that barks. She also said that when she yelled at her for going on the floor, Foster Pup urinated on the floor out of fear.

So I am going to drive three hours to go get Foster Pup back.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that less than 48 hours is hardly enough time to give a puppy time to settle down and get into a routine, especially when Foster Pup didn't do any of those things when I was keeping her. I am just sad and annoyed because I feel like my friend didn't give Foster Pup a chance and I feel like I totally misjudged her ability to take care of Foster Pup. Now I am worried I won't be able to find her a good home :( Looks like we may be a three-dog-family now. Has anyone fostered dogs before? Any thoughts on this?
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