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Help me keep my dog out of the cat food.

Cindy has been all up in the cat food lately and I don't really know what to do about it.

The obvious answer is to keep the cat food elevated, but my older cat is getting to the age where jumping all nimbly bimbly isn't very easy for him.  For a while we kept the food up on the kitchen table but we realized he wasn't eating much, sometimes because he didn't have the energy to hop up there or he would get up on the table and be too tired so he would have to lay down for a bit before he could eat.

We also had the food tucked under some low furniture for a while, but Cindy figured out she could get at it with her paw and pull it out (I think, we never seem to catch her in the act) so she wouldn't have to stick her head under the furniture which was her only deterrent. 

And then, we started feeding them only at night and keeping the dog in our bedroom at night, but older cat is more active during the day recently and I think is still missing out on the food.  And that's where we are now.

Tell me the easy solution I am over looking here.
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