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I have been engaged for a year now and still have yet to plan anything because I Cannot make up my mind on what i want to do.  My entire immediate family is against me getting married, so do i have a wedding without them?  Do I elope?  Do I tell them to suck it up?  I cannot deal with negativity on my wedding day with my family there thinking that I'm making a huge mistake.  But running away and eloping doesn't feel like the right thing either.  It's been a year and I'm still lost.  Help!

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  • I say you have a small wedding and invite only the people who are supporting you, or tell your family that what they are doing is really hurting you, and that if they want to be there they had better suck it up and keep their opinions to them selves. It's not fair that you are having to make decisions around them, or that you are being made to feel bad or are starting to second guess everything you want.
  • I'm with Freya. People turn into idiots when you announce marriage plans. Have a small shindig and invite the people who DO support you. It's their loss, and maybe once you make a decision and stop letting all the negative nellies influence your life, they might actually start coming around.
  • I think this depends on who in your family isn't supporting you.  Because it is your immediate family and not some random aunt, you may want to go ahead with normal wedding plans and invite them.  If they decide not to come, that is their choice and it is unfortunate.  I think I could eventually forgive my mom if she decided not to come to my wedding, but I don't think I could forgive myself for not inviting my mom.
  • Why aren't they being supportive? What are their reasons for thinking the wedding is a bad idea?


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    [QUOTE]Why aren't they being supportive? What are their reasons for thinking the wedding is a bad idea?
    Posted by noisy_penguin[/QUOTE]


    entire families don't just think that marriage between two people is a bad idea for the hell of it. maybe you need to think about why they aren't supportive and if there is validity to their reasoning.
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