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Good Evening Ladies

I just pulled two huge sheets pans worth of kale chips out of the oven and may be on my way to eating them all before I can get them in a container.  Unnaturally delicious!  If I manage to save some, I'm hoping to add them to my salads for the week,

We got all the Christmas lights up on the house and in the yard today since this unnatural warmth and lovely weather is probably the last beautiful day until...  April?  May?  yuck.

I'm supposed to be working on a paper regarding solutions from a chemist's perspective for the Pacific Garbage Gyre but I'm having the hardest time getting motivated. Like, I haven't felt this unmotivated about school since high school speech class (I hate public speaking). So anyone want to write the paper for me?  I know the info, just don't feel like typing it.  I'd rather chat with you ladies.  It's not the end of the world though.  I do have tomorrow to work on it as well but I'd rather do it now and relax tomorrow.

Also, weight loss chicks:  I'm feeling like a bad person.  My mom started WW 3 weeks ago and has been spouting advice like she's an expert.  I was almost pleased today to hear she was up a pound at her weigh-in.  Turns out, even if you make it work with your points, eating crap still catches up with you.

And if you read all of my novel-like post, here's a cute pic just for fun:

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