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Brother-in-law turned douche lord.

My fiance has three older sisters and one of them, as of I guess last week, is getting divorced. I posted about him a day or two ago because we had asked her husband to be an usher at our wedding and now that's not happening.

We had a really nice 4th weekend but it was hard seeing my future sister-in-law so sad about everything.  They have a little girl together and he'd taken her out of town for the weekend starting on Thursday.  She had moved a ton of her things out over the weekend and on Monday when she called to see when he was bringing her back, he yelled at her and told her that if she wasn't going to be home, then he wasn't bringing her back (uuuuuh, kidnapping?).  I've known the guy for a couple years but apparently there was this controlling side to him we've never seen - for example, asking his friends or employees to watch their house for when she came and went, and reporting back to him.  Creepy.

Up until yesterday it was just a really awful, sad situation we were all trying to deal with and comfort each other over.  Today it's turned even more bizarre - the guy started calling another one of my fiance's sisters from a private number and bad-mouthing his wife to her.  WTF!?

I just hope they are documenting these instances for the attorneys and whatnot.  It's so hard to watch - but so enraging that he's stooped to harassing other members of the family.  I had a call today from a number I didn't recognize and worried it was him :( It's just scary.

Re: Brother-in-law turned douche lord.

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