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Does this make me selfish?

So my mom's 60th birthday is this August, and she wants to do something special.  She decided that she wants to go to Mexico for a few days and stay at an AI (she's never been to one and doesn't travel much), and she really wants myself and my aunt to go with her.   I'd probably be spending about $800 with airfare, and it would be for 4 nights.  Noodle and I are going for a week to Mexico the end of May, so when I brought this up to him he wasn't very happy at the idea of spending money on two vacations (although the last one would be just for me) within the span of a few months.  But he ended up saying that it was up to me.  I don't want to try and get my mom to do something cheaper because it's her birthday, and she should be able to do what she wants, and it's not like she's picking somewhere stupid-expensive or hard to get to or whatever.

I really want to go, mainly to spend some QT with my mom and because I know it's important to her (although she'd also understand if I couldn't make it).  We can afford it, and we're still on track to be debt free by the end of the summer even with this trip thrown in.  But I feel like I'm being selfish by going even though Noodle doesn't really want me to.  Especially since it's our money now instead of just mine.  Next year we want to buy a house, so I know that a lot of our spare income after the summer is going to go towards a downpayment, and I also feel kind of bad taking money away from that (although once again, we can afford it).

Bonus question - my mom is coming over after work today to look at hotels on the computer with me, and we just found out that our friends are giving birth to their second son today.  I told Noodle that we should go see them tomorrow because of my mom coming over and because I figure we should give her a day to recoup a little.  He doesn't understand why I don't reschedule with my mom so we can go today and thinks I'm being rude.  Thoughts on this?

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