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my MOH is a maid-zilla!!!!

Nightmarish MOH! Getting her help with anything has been like pulling teeth.
(Please note she is my ONLY bridesmaid!!! I have no replacements!!)

When I asked her to be my MOH, she told me that she was concerned because money was tight. I told her not to worry, that I would buy her dress for her. We went shopping and it was a nightmare- she hated everything I put her in. Finally we found a simple blue dress, that she hated, but were able to compromise with it. A few days ago, she ruined it. She demanded we go get another dress. Unwillingly, I gave in to stop her from complaining. We went shopping and she purchased a bright hot pink dress that she wanted to wear at the reception. Then, she still expected me to buy her a 2nd dress!! She found a T-Shirt dress at Forever 21 and decided that was all she would wear. I can assure you that we shopped more for her than I did for me, she never accompained me to any try-ons or fittings.

I purchased her wedding present, a picture frame from Things Remebered. I had planned to put a picture of the two of us in our wedding gear in the frame before I gave it to her. We had planned for her to jump in on a few of my bridals in her attire with signs and different props. The morning of the pictures though, she called and told me that she wouldn't be coming.

She doesn't want to go to a bridesmaid luncheon, she doesn't want to take pictures, I hate the dress she picked out- it's the wrong color, and any time I go to her for advice or with an idea, she shoots my ideas down or gives negative feedback. She also cancelled my bacherlorette party because she couldn't afford to throw me one and thought it was tacky I took matters into my own hands.

This is a nightmare. She hasn't helped me at all, At this point, Im not sure what to do. Im tired of putting up with her crap but Im 13 days away from my wedding!!! How would you handle this???
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