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What is a normal amount of crying for a toddler?

I'm asking because I'm wondering if I should be worrying about the kid downstairs.

We live in a duplex, and this family with two parents, a little boy, and a puppy moved in downstairs about two months ago. Since they've moved in, our peaceful home life has been pretty much shattered by this kid's screaming and crying. The episodes can last between ten minutes and an hour (currently he's been going about 20 minutes), and consist of long, drawn out screams connected by sobbing, and some banging noises. Is this normal? We're upset, because this used to be a quiet house, and now it's not, but also we're starting to wonder if we should be worried about the kid's welfare, because the crying sounds so terrified/hurt/upset. The dad also seems kinda nice and personable but in a sinister way. We also never hear any nice sounds coming from downstairs, like singing or playing, just crying and yelling from the parents.

So is this just an unpleasant neighborly situation, or should I be worried about the kid? I understand they have as much of a right to be here as we do, and there's not much we can do about the noise, and also I don't know much about the behavior of toddlers, so I have no idea what's going on down there.
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