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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:da821c14-11d0-4080-9ef2-48a2a389013cPost:75bc6d28-1269-4893-be4f-edd8dd6c55cb">Re: Air your Grievances!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Air your Grievances! : That's so cool.  We did the condo rental thing too.  Way better than hotel rooms.  I just loved having a living area and kitchen and porch and stuff.  I couldn't get over how weird the dolphins' skin felt.
    Posted by J&K10910[/QUOTE]

    Yeah that was our big thing, we had to have a kitchen because we were bringing food from the wedding. And, the owners left champagne and a rose for us in the fridge, which was awesome. We were in a gated community with our own porch and everything, access to the marina, community pool, big TV and a DVD player, all for an incredible price.

    And yeah, the dolphins were really cool. I loved the sea lion the best though, so soft. And their whiskers felt so weird, a lot harder than I was expecting.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Air your Grievances!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Air your Grievances! : I was joking. ;) Stop being so irrelevant to the purpose of this board. GOSH.
    Posted by beatlesgirl25[/QUOTE]

    LOL. Sorry I'm so tired and it's making me a little dense. I had a feeling maybe you were kidding, but the I was like, <em>what if she's NOT!!!</em>

    I going to go be super SNARKY now that I know the true definition.
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    No worries LTZ. Just a heads up, always assume that I'm joking around. ;) I like when people give me quotable things to use when discussing them later.

    Taco cat: Always a palindrome. ALWAYS, okay J&K?

    "cool......insult my size 2 body or my natural brown hair...or the fact that my parents own a country club, I have no budget for a wedding, and I have horses. I really dont care. Its better then having roots." ~ futurepivko
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    Ok. I hate that I missed this and everything awesome.

    I also am tired of hearing about your cat, Se. Sorry. Also, I'm tired of talking about only LGBT issues with KCullen because she's gay. And I will definitely GBCK if we start talking about friggin' Twillight.
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    Way late to this party, but I have loves hearing about your cat, Se. Then again, I am a crazy cat lady/animal freak.
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