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Giant meat

Help me:

How big of a roast (lbs or kgs) would you need to feed 6-8 people. I had a 4lb roast a while back to feed 4 people and there wasnt a hell of a lot left over. Can you even GET 8lb roasts? That sounds like buying a baby or something.


Re: Giant meat

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    I haven't a clue. I conned Chloe into cooking dinner tonight.
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    I hate cooking lately. Roasts are ok because I can sit on my butt most of the time.
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    Not what I was hoping for when I opened this thread.
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    [QUOTE]Not what I was hoping for when I opened this thread.
    Posted by NatesGirl16[/QUOTE]

    Get out of the gutter woman! There's not enough room for both of us down here!
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    edited October 2010
    Nebb knows what I like. 

    KD loves sharing the gutter with me!  She just doesn't want to admit it.

    But seriously, that's a lot of meat. 

    ETA: I want to change my SN to NatesGirl, Penis Enthusiast.
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    It's 1lb - 1.5lbs per person, just cause you asked. At least, that's what they recommend for turkey.
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    That sounds about right mery, I will go with that. I might try and buy two 4.5lb roasts. It will give me a chance to finally use my gigantic ass roasting pan.
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    I asked the nest and they IGNORED me :( I hate the nest.
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