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What's up with nasty brides! I checked out a venue with my Fiance and as we were leaving there were two other couples with appointments. The Brides were checking me out from head to toe and giving me the nastiest looks ever! I couldn't believe it.

I understand that there might have been a competitive feeling of reserving a date before the other girl but jeesh! They made me feel so uncomfortable. I honestly like to talk to other brides. I want to see what they are doing and if they like my ideas.

I just thought it was nasty and wanted to share! I'm sure you all have encountered something similar!

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  • Females are scary... never turn your back on one. 

    My FI's good friends are getting married a few months before us and as I was casually talking to the bride to be she began to act very catty towards me. She was commenting on our venue and how it was not a good location for a fall wedding and that our colors are not fall colors. She then asked why we were even having a fall wedding. I just sat there smiling thinking to myself "she is seriously acting this way"

    Don't you hate when you notice the stares and you point it out to your FI and they notice NOTHING at all. Makes you feel crazy. 
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    Ha! a good friend of mine moved her wedding date from this year to 2011 and she is keeping the june date but aiming for at the end of the month. Mine is at the begining, no big deal, or so I thought. She thinks we're competing. This girl is doing a super religious tradtional wedding. I am doing a semi secular super causal river side wedding. I don't  what her problem is. GAH WOMEN!
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  • LOL. You guys really made me smile! My Fiance didn't think they were looking at me that way and totally thought I was crazy like you said DKC1308!

    After this happening I went to a Bridal Fair this passed weekend expecting the brides to be terrible, but I guess when in packs they are better. Shocking. lmao.

    Good news though, they're not all like that! Look at us! plus, I have a friend getting married and we just found out that we might be getting married at the same place. I am totally fine with it and she is too. I thought that was really cool.

  • FACT:   Jesus Christ was not a nasty bride.
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    [QUOTE]FACT:   Jesus Christ was not a nasty bride.
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    That'sonly if you beleive the Da Vinci code.  HT you are a heathen.
  • I think if a bride needs to be nasty to other brides then that shows a lot about their character as a person. I for one am so happy that I am getting married that I want to be happy for everyone else. If you are a nasty bride then you are probably a nasty person to begin with. I was never a "mean" girl in high school and these brides probably were. Oh well! Hopefully, they are nicer to their fiances.
  • I've run into that not only from brides, but from random women.  Anytime I'm somewhere that there are groups of women, I get the checking-you-out once-over and the I'm-better-than-you sneer.  My response is usually to smile at them with my head held high.  After all, women typically only respond that way when they find something about you to be jealous of. :)

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