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Do you have a storage/security box at a bank for your important documents (birth certificate, etc.) or just use a firebox? We currently have a firebox that holds our house papers, H's military discharge paperwork, social security cards and soon three birth certificates but I feel like maybe that should be in a bank?

Would you get weirded out if nursing equipment (breast pump, pads, nursing covers, etc) were on a baby registry?

What groups do you belong to on FB? Do people really join groups for every store where they shop or every food their cat eats?

Would you spend $7,000 on a shower? (just the shower, not the tiles/glass/etc.)

Would you use a 20 year old stroller? (there is a backstory for this)

ETA: do you think it is legally inappropriate (as in you would take legal action/call CPS) for a 6 year old to sleep in a bed with his grandparents on occasion?
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