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Help me be assertive?

Backstory - Back in June we made a verbal agreement (first mistake, never doing that again) with a local tree company to remove 2 trees on our property, remove the brush, and stump the stumps so that they were flush with the ground. After 2 months of hearing "We'll have it done next weekend" (and knowing they had the equipment 3 weekends through neighbors who did work with them) we just want a refund.

 I know we were stupid in not doing a written contract. I really have no expectation of getting the money back but figured it was worth a shot. Help me improve this letter?

Dear Jesse,


On June 4, We made a verbal agreement to cut down, remove, and stump two trees on our property in Winchester.  The cost that was agreed upon was $300 for stumping and $800 for tree cutting and removal.  The trees were cut down promptly, however the brush was not cleaned up as agreed upon and had to be cleared by the homeowner. It was the understanding of the homeowners, as told by yourself, that the stumps would be removed by Sunday June 11th. This did not occur though the payment was received on June 8th.


Several phone calls were made about the removal of the stumps by both Scott and the referral source Roger and assurances were given that the stumps would be removed by “that weekend”. It is now September 18th and the stumps have still not been removed.  We are now asking for a refund of $300 to cover the price of the stumping as you have not removed the stumps in a timely manner and, from our experience with you thus far, seem to have no intention to do so.


We are disappointed in this whole series of events as you came on a good referral from family.  If we do not receive word from you by October 1st regarding the status of our refund we will be taken further steps in order to complete our verbal agreement of payment for service.


Kristi and Scott

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