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Recommend dance lessons!

so i get married october 3rd and wanna do more than going side to side. just learn some nice steps to incorporate into our dance so it wont be so blah. so under limited time constraints any suggestion for dance classes in north dallas area that isnt expensive? help!

Re: Recommend dance lessons!

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    we took a workshop with vow to dance that was from 12-2 on a saturday. We worked on our first dance, spins, and even a dip. The next class is oct 3rd.... (i realize that the workshop won't help you, but maybe private lessons will?) she has private lessons and she's really nice. BTW the workshop was $95 per couple; she's really reasonably priced. http://www.vowtodance.com/HTH!
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    I was thinking about renting a DVD that could show us a little more than side to side. I haven't actually looked into this but my hope is that between Half Priced Books, Netflix, and Blockbuster I would find something. Just an idea!
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