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Good Morning and TGIF

Hello ladies!

I wrote the TGIF part mostly for the rest of you...I actually kinda want time to slow down. Went into work yesterday even though DH and I had both said we wouldn't go in until next week. It was fine but overwhelming, as it always is, there is so much to do before the kids come in. I also made the mistake of going in when my teaching partners weren't there, so I couldn't do half of what I wanted to do. Back in again Monday and then the real work will start!

I have been bad on so many fronts. I have gone 'back to school shopping' over the last two days...I never shop, ever, so it isn't really that big of a deal, but I still feel guilty, even though every single thing I have bought has been on sale. But, still feel guilty. And I gained weight over the summer so my self esteem has taken a tank. Bleh!  I will get back on the wagon soon enough but it still frustrates me to know that really, my weight will be a challenge forever.

Okay, I feel like I just laid down on a couch without being asked and spilled my guts to all of you, and while it feels awesome it still feels ridiculous. :)

Anyone have great plans this weekend? We are going on a 'date night' movie to see The Help tonight and the rest of the weekend is all about DH's sports...tomorrow is the rugby championship for his league and his team is playing for 1st! 
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