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How long did it take to receive your album?

I'm getting impatient and I'm wondering if I need to slow my roll a bit.

We ordered our album on Feb 21st.  My photog was then supposed to design it and email us a link so we can view it online.  If we want to make any changes to it at that point we can, he'll fix it, we look it over again and then it gets printed.

Well, five weeks later we still haven't gotten a link (or heard anything until I gave in and emailed him and he said "as soon as possible!").  I was hoping to have it by now so we can show our parents and help them design their's, but now the expiration of our online gallery is quickly approaching, and we haven't ordered anything for parent's/grandparent's yet.

So, how long did yours take from ordering to shipping?  Would it be out of line for me to ask for an extension on the online gallery?  When we first signed the contract, he had us under the impression everything would be much faster than it has been (1 week instead of 3 for teasers, 4 weeks instead of 6 for the online gallery, etc).  Are we expecting too much here?
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