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With all the talk of furbabies, I need to rant

I feel like a terrible mommy to my furbaby. :\\
(Nothing happened to my kitty, it's actually just silly)

CN: I missed her birthday.

Rant:  I feel like my Mocha has had a hard life. She spent the first 9 years of her life neglected -- she was well fed, but other than that she was just igrnored because of the 7 other animals in the house. He also declawed her and left her as an outside cat.  Eventually he put her up on CL and she was rehomed. Her next owner was kind and caring, but she had this other cat who bullied the crap out of her.  It was so bad that she decided to put her up for adoption. This is where the FI and I come in. We couldn't be more happy with her, and her with us.
      We are going on vacation tomorrow and FI went to fax over her vet records to be boarded. He sees her DOB is 6/01 not 6/10 as I had thought it was. I know it's silly and seriously nbd-- I just wanted to give her a special treat. I feel like she went so long went so long without any special attention, she should be treated well on her litty kitty cat bday. Which will now have to wait until after she's been boarded by her vet for 5 days.

     I know its silly. She's the first pet FI and I have had together, and we just adore her like she really is our baby.

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