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Overpriced wish list

I REALLY want a Keurig single cup coffee maker but it's expensive and so are the little coffee pod things.  My last big splurge was on an Ipad and after accessories and warrenty I shelled out $900 and I hate my Ipad. Sooo....

Anyone have a Keurig and hate it and want to talk me out of it?  Or do you have one and love it and think I can't live any longer with out it?

Also, what's on your overpriced wish list?

Other wishes out of my price range:

Michael Kors purse
New couch
Arm liposuction (I know, it's weird.  But my arms don't fit my body!)

"You wore a tit dress at an AIDS party??? You need to go to the whore corner with Mara " - Blue
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